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  • Posted by payMe
  • Date : Aug 26, 2022

Some of the real-life challenges netizens encounter while trying to access most play-to-earn web applications, are the cross-border payment restrictions, insecurity of data, centralization of processes and socialization. However, with the advent of the Blockchain technology, most community-based platforms like payMe can now offer users unrestricted assess to their platform with guaranteed security of their data, transparency of processes and seamless cross-border payments to satisfy their user experiences.

payME token - the platform's native token is built with the logic of smart contract (solidity) and internet of things on the Blockchain network.

Our smart contract proffers the following solution on the platform:
Gamification Solutions:

With our smart contract we have succeeded in eliminating both the rigorous bank protocols inhibiting cross-border transactions on the platform and the middle men (vendors) delays in getting access tokens for game entry, and have added level of responsibilities to all parties by empowering users to have direct control over transactions on the platform using a decentralized application. 

Research bank Solution

Many of the current problems in social media deal with data privacy, royalty payments and piracy of intellectual property. 

Our smart contract and IoT strength in the research banking industry is its ability to prevent a digital asset, such as written thesis/projects/articles or audio/video documentaries, from existing in multiple places. It can be shared and distributed while also preserving ownership, making piracy virtually impossible through a transparent ledger system.

Our smart contract (solidity) has the tendency to ease royalty payment for use of copyrights, by the accountability function of the blockchain technology. While our Blockchain-infused internet of things (IoT) adds a higher level of security to information leakage,  preventing data breaches to enable copyright protection due to the transparency and virtual incorruptibility of the blockchain ecosystem.

Social Networking Solutions

The infusion of IoT is intended to maximize opportunities from the crowded community to enhance scalability of transactions with the payME token for advertizing products and services within the community. 

payMe smart-contract can maintain data integrity, allowing advertising agencies to target the right customers at a cheaper costs and with greater impact on more audience.

Undoubtedly, payME token helps to keep things real “smart” within the payMe community to aid the empowerment of education technology.