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Know About payMe

What is payMe?





payMe is a tokenized intellectual empowerment community platform aimed at aiding in both knowledge enhancement and emotional intelligence  development of the community. payMe offers users the choice to strive for knowledge enhancement with the incentivization of success as a drive in a fair and transparent knowledge-based competition, a research bank for intellectual development and a community networking (social media for elites) to help them develop their emotional intelligence.

Our Mission is to create a global community with the liberty to earn from their intellectual assets.


The main goal is to democratize the empowerment of intellectual asset with a decentralized ecosystem for inclusiveness, and transparency. We also have the objectives to:

  1. to incentivize intellectual competence. 
  2. to promote healthy and fair competition in the field of learning.
  3. to provide an alternative ethical empowerment platform for educators.
  4. to encourage edifying research habits among scholars using the platform.
  5. to create a decentralized platform for empowering knowledgeability.

The Economic Benefit

There are so many economic benefits to be derived from the payMe™ service brand.

  1. payMe is designed with the ability to enhance valuable learning exercises.
  2. Engaging in the contest can help users discover their self-worth and develop self-confidence.
  3. payMe Project provides alternative fair rewarding system for incentivizing passion in gaming and this can help in the reduction of common crimes incidental to youths..
  4. payMe serves as cognitive behavioural therapy for people used to exermination malpractice. It helps in reorienting users with a fair knowledge-based contest.


  1. Gamification
  2. Social Networking
  3. Digital Library


Gamification in the payMe Platform is an online play-to-earn (P2E) gaming that incentivizes success through crowdsourcing of the platform’s native utility token - payMe Pay Token (payME), enabled by a decentralized network in the blockchain ecosystem. 

The payMe gaming structure is originally a native play-to-earn (P2E) web application upgraded to the blockchain network with the integration of  its' native utility token - payMe Pay Token (payME) - an exchange liquidity pool and BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, powered by decentralized application system for carrying out transactions in the payMe platform. 

Social Networking

This is a social media network designed for the payMe Community to develop their interpersonal relationships and grow in emotional intelligence.

Digital Library Software

This is going to be a research material bank or e-library for different academic journals and books, freely accessible by every active member of the community and monetized to the general public.


The project targets the global netizens with special interest on academicians, gamers, social media networkers and especially crypto enthusiasts.

NB: More details on the whitepaper.




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