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In a world where the global citizens' fundamental rights are highly infringed-on by their various atates actors, without much options available for liberation, a group of tech-savvy individuals, chose the use of blockchain technology to civilize the campaign on social justice for all and thus offer the global citizens their inherent right to liberty of choice to socialize, learn, work, and earn with their intellectual assets beyond State border-barriers, or any other third-party infringement. 

payMe is an online empowerment community created to help its members develop intellectually and earn while doing so. The project is intended to build a democratized community powered by its native utility token with the aim of expanding blockchain to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the IoT to blockchain. We simplified the empowerment and protection of intellectual assets on the internet with smart contract (solidity) to promote transparency in managing intellectual assets. payMe is created to offer users the liberty of choice to learn, work and earn from their knowledge, without restriction and freely socialize to improve their emotional intelligence, thus serving as a social justice crusader. At payMe we believe that every human is entitled to work, earn, learn and socialize; so, the platform uses the blockchain protocol to offer these rights to society at affordable cost. 

payMe is the first play-to-earn (P2E) incentivizing platform with a full anti-gambling protocol on the Blockchain, structured to serve as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in helping users break away from the habitual dependency on the game of chance and also in abstaining from examination malpractice. The platform's incentivization function is powered from the revenues generated by the community on the platforms, so we are giving back to the community what they helped labour for. 

Our Mission is to create an independent community that enjoy the liberty to earn from their intellectual assets, learn new knowledge and socialize without any infringement.


The main goal is to democratize the empowerment of intellectual asset with a decentralized ecosystem for inclusiveness, and transparency. We also have the objectives to:

  1. to incentivize intellectual competence. 
  2. to promote healthy and fair competition in the field of learning.
  3. to provide an alternative ethical empowerment platform for educators.
  4. to encourage edifying research habits among scholars using the platform.
  5. to create a decentralized platform for empowering knowledgeability.

The Economic Benefit

There are so many economic benefits to be derived from the payMe™ service brand.

  1. payMe is designed with the ability to enhance valuable learning exercises.
  2. Engaging in the contest can help users discover their self-worth and develop self-confidence.
  3. payMe Project provides alternative fair rewarding system for incentivizing passion in gaming and this can help in the reduction of common crimes incidental to youths..
  4. payMe serves as cognitive behavioural therapy for people used to exermination malpractice. It helps in reorienting users with a fair knowledge-based contest.


  1. Gamification
  2. Social Networking
  3. eLearning 


Gamification in the payMe Platform is an online play-to-earn (P2E) gaming that incentivizes success meritoriously using the platform's native utility token - payMe Pay Token (payME), enabled by a decentralized network in the blockchain ecosystem. Participation is free, but users must hold a specific amount of the platform's token in their decentralized wallet.

Social Networking

This is a community driven social media network designed to empower users with the platform's native asset.

eLearning Software

This is a course platform that is being developed to help provide economic empowerment to educators and intellectual enhancement to students.


The project targets the global netizens with special interest on academicians, gamers, social media networkers and especially crypto enthusiasts.

NB: More details on the whitepaper.




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