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User Guide

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About The Quiz

Users must have payMe token in their personal decentralized wallets to have access to either the free tutorial games or enter any of the contest

Quiz entries will either cost a user payMe token worth $0.50 USD or $5 USD for 10 limited entries in a week.

For every quiz attempt, you are expected to answer swiftly ten intra-changeable questions drawn from our question banks.

For non competitive tutorial games, there is no limit to number of free quiz users get, provided the user have up to $50 USD worth of payMe token in the wallet.

Attempt as many quiz as you can during the week until you can get a perfect score and best time. Always check the Winners Dashboard to keep track of your ranking

The ranking of contestants depends on the user's quiz score and completion time. Where two quizzers have the same score, the one with lower completion time will rank higher.

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