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Welcome To payMe?

We welcome you to payMe Platform

payMe is a tokenized intellectual empowerment platform, created to offer users the liberty of choice to work with and earn from their knowledge, seek more knowledge without restriction and freely socialize to improve their emotional intelligence. At payMe we believe that every human is entitled to work, earn, learn and socialize; so, the platform uses the blockchain protocol to offer these rights to society.

Currently, payMe is piloted with gamification, pending the full development of the digital library and the community networks (social media) where users can showcase their intellectual creativity and earn royalty from its usage. We use incentivization from a crowd-sourced asset to encourage engagement.

payMe is the first incentivizing platform with a full Anti-Gambling protocol on the Blockchain structured to serve as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in helping users break away from the habitual dependency on the game of chance and also in abstaining from examination malpractice.

The brand name 'payMe', indicates that every active member of the community is empowered.

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